It's only been a few months.....

When we launched our first Pop Up Pantry on Tuesday 15th September, we could not have imagined that only a few months later people would be recommending us to their friends and BBC Radio Bradford!

Each week, over 20 people attend and 70 have shopped here since September. Each person is able to make their money stretch further, alongside having the opportunity to save into a credit union account. We are so pleased that it is improving the economic wellbeing and health of those that attend, the H and E of Shine West Bowling!

"Salad, jacket potato and cottage cheese for tomorrow, can afford to eat healthy thanks to you lot! Thank you! For all the lovely food and all the lovely welcoming staff."

And look what people are creating and eating from their Pop Up Pantry items:

There are a growing number of similar markets across Bradford that you can find here.

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