Even compost bins are transformed at Shine!

Our Gardening group brought us outdoor Christmas cheer to end the year, by transforming our compost bins into a Nativity scene complete with lights and music!

Throughout 2020 they have faithfully tended the gardens surrounding St Stephen's Church and have been rewarded with flourishing flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Joy and wonder were at the heart of marking the end of another term for Little Dots. The team found innovative ways to celebrate and support our families in a Covid-19 safe way.

Our Creative Threads group and English Chat, have adapted incredibly to find ways to connect with those who attend and that will continue in 2021.

On Christmas Eve, thanks to Storehouse, Food Revival, White Stuff and the generosity of all those who bought one of our Christmas Dinner Gift Cards, we were able to deliver Christmas dinner, snacks, fruit, activities and more to 39 households, feeding an amazing 154 people!

Our doors remain open for support as Lockdown continues, but we look forward to all that will be possible in 2021. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates!

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