'Boxes' have defined our last year at Shine West Bowling. Boxes of food for those struggling financially, boxes of activities for children missing their interactions with friends and families, boxes of cookbooks of recipes created during this time and boxes of wellbeing resources for adults, some of whom we have journeyed with for a long time or others that have connected with us because of the pandemic. Thankfully we are now seeing positive ways beyond these boxes in both the areas of food poverty and wellbeing.

We are currently running a wellbeing course, 'Soul Art' with artists from the charity ReCreate and we are looking forward to when we can use singing to encourage people and the rebuilding of community, that has been negatively impacted by the last year.

Since September, working with Storehouse, we run a weekly Pop-Up Pantry where people are able to make their money stretch much further and even invest in a credit union. This is an expanding network across Bradford (including a second site for us at St Matthew's Church, Bankfoot) which is not only working to alleviate food poverty, but is also relational. We get to know the shoppers as they come on their weekly visit and it's great when they say things like this:

"Salad, Jacket Potato and cottage cheese for tomorrow. Thanks to you, I can afford to eat healthily." Shine FoodSaver member

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