Pop-Up Pantry

Pop-Up Pantry is at St Stephen's Church on Tuesdays and at St Matthew's Bankfoot on Thursdays between12 and 1.30pm.

By joining the scheme, your £5 will stretch further, getting you 16 items of mainly fresh food. £1 of this can be put into a savings account with Credit Union.

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Where our food comes from

We receive food from Storehouse. They have partners who donate food that is 'unwanted', which could be because they have over-ordered / over-produced, or because the food is nearing or past its best before date. All the food is safe and of excellent quality, merely surplus to somebody else's requirements.

Their food partners include supermarkets, wholesalers, local markets and other local traders.

Since Storehouse started, they have intercepted over 600 tonnes of food that would have otherwise gone to landfill!


Listen to Sarah, Shine's Charity Lead talk about Pop-Up Pantry on BBC Radio Bradford.