We are a locally rooted charity, working with the people of West Bowling and our activities reflect the needs they tell us about. We are here to offer help and hope to anyone who walks through our doors. Here are some of our stories. 

Shine Story: How Shine helped me.

I suffer from social anxiety disorder and find it difficult to trust people. I heard about Shine through St Stephens Church and they were doing a Creative Threads course. I enjoy art and craft and some of the people that attend church go to this course, so I decided to attend. I found it very difficult at first struggling with anxiety and sitting in a room full of people I didn’t know but over time I got to know some of these people who are nice and friendly. They are the same group that attend each time I’m there. I still do feel anxious from time to time.

I suffer from clinical manic depression and PTSD and I also attend a wellbeing course, again through Shine. It’s only a small group and the teacher there is very nice and friendly. She does a relaxation technique, offers tea and biscuits and a very nice welcoming atmosphere that helps me feel safe and relaxed.

The good thing about Shine is that it’s close to home and that if I feel uncomfortable, I can get up and leave. I find it very difficult to trust people but there is a lovely lady that work with Shine and she makes me feel comfortable talking to her, she listens and has helped me in so many ways. She gives me good advice and support.

I’m really glad that I took this step to attend Shine. It gives me back some confidence. I’ve met some lovely people there and it’s given me back some independence. Otherwise I would just lock myself away in the house and not go out.  

Hands at creative threads.tif

“Reach out the hand of friendship” is one of the most appropriate descriptions of these very fine people of the Creative Threads group.  Each person pictured here has a real story of what makes Shine, shine.

Shine Story: How I feel about Shine

When you go to anything to do with Shine, you feel love, warmth, understanding, but most of all you feel safe.  No matter what your race, colour or creed, all are treated equally.  Everyone has a place where they are valued and respected. One prime example of this is one of the members of Creative Threads.  This person has some learning difficulties, and finds things hard at times.  The amazing thing is that this person has a fantastic gift that was brought to the fore in this project.  Give them a needle and thread and they are in a class of their own.  Everyone was helped at some point by this very talented person.  This is just one story about how Shine lifts and builds the community.


I like the way that we can mix safely and interact with people of other faiths and no faith, in freedom and harmony. Only yesterday I was discussing traditional Asian recipes on how to cook dhal properly. This was whilst working together making Christmas decorations.  I even read Surah 98 in English where we were able talk about some of the things our faiths have in common.  It is so much better talking as friends trying to understand each other rather than creating animosity and division.


Thank you Shine. You really are a special and a wonderful organisation. Truly representative of a multifaith community that works hard for all.